The Curse of Oak Island Season 4, Why Aren’t You Watching?

In the world of reality tv series, The Curse of Oak Island has quietly chugged along with interesting, but unspectacular results.  Kind of like Finding Bigfoot.  The show centers on brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, who are living out their childhood dreams of solving the two century old mystery surrounding Oak Island.

screenshot1334Oak Island is a 100+ acre island found in Nova Scotia, Canada.  There are slews of stories about buried treasure on the island, ranging from pirates to the Templar Nights, some hinting that it may be the final resting place of the ark.  There have been bits and pieces of treasure taken from the island, but what keeps sparking the interest of treasure hunters all over the world are events that took place some 80 years ago.  While digging to try and find an area known as the money pit, thought to hold vast treasures, hunters found layers of marks every 10 feet, until reaching 90 feat, finding a stone with strange markings on it.  Once they continued to dig, the chamber flooded, seemingly flooded by a booby trap, ending the hunt.  You can read the full history of the island her at Wikipedia.

Since then group after group has tried to solve the mystery, digging and exploring to no avail.  Rick and Marty have assembled an all star group to help them finally solve the mystery and even succeeded in getting a deep water diver into the money pit last year, season 3, only to find that sonar seemed to misrepresent what could be found.  After the set back, the show ended with a new core drill test that seemed to offer hope of a new chamber, including seeing some kind of gold chain when explored with a micro camera.

While the first three seasons have offered high hopes with minimal returns, I watched the season 4 premiere one night and became extremely excited for what might be in store this year.  New research seems to indicate strong ties to Templar visits and the group has brought in heavy equipment in an attempt to put the mystery to rest.  I can’t wait!  The show is on Tuesday nights on The History Channel, give it a shot!