Did D.B. Cooper Work For Boeing?

I first learned about the great D.B. Cooper heist watching a late night show on the History Channel several years back.  It’s one of those great unsolved mysteries that the FBI finally gave up on, but still grabs the imagination and curiosity of many.  I hadn’t given D.B. much thought until a recent Destination Unknown program covered some new evidence in the case.

screenshot1506Josh Gates, the host of the show, puts a fun spin on hunting down some of histories unknowns, and this episode was no different.  Josh does his thing, jumps out of a plain like D.B. Cooper and more, but the shows major contribution to the unsolved case was offering the financial resources to analyze the JC Penney tie with an electron microscope, which found particles of cerium, strontium sulfide and pure titanium.

The research was conducted by a team of researchers, known as Citizen Sleuths, who have a site dedicated to the mystery.  The group believes that since these materials were extremely rare during the time in question, D.B. was more than likely an employee of Boeing, who would have had been exposed to these materials in one of it’s production plants.  The plane where the heist took place – was also a Boeing plane…

You can watch news coverage of the new findings at K9 in Washington.