Google Pixel is the Must Have Holiday Tech Gift for 2016

Google Pixel is here, and everyone needs to be ready. As far as we are concerned it is the Must Have Holiday Tech Gift for 2016. The top feature is Pixel’s camera. It definitely seems to lead the way right now. It takes great photos in low light, bright light, which is rare.To launch the Pixel’s camera from the lock screen, you have to press the camera icon in the bottom-right corner and drag up. Pretty simple. Pixel has a slightly wider-angle lens than most mobile phones. This means shots look as if they were taken from farther away on Google’s phone despite having been taken from the exact same position.

Pixel, Pixel XL, come with its latest video calling app right into the smartphone. The app works across Android and iOS and starting a video call is very easy. It’s Google’s version of Apple’s Facetime tech. It allows you to video call anyone on Android and iPhone. It also has a Knock Knock feature so you can even see the caller before you pick up.

Google is renaming Nexus Imprint to Pixel imprint. This uses a unique fingerprint to unlock the phone quickly. The fingerprint sensor is placed on the back. It also offers quick access to all apps, texts and emails. Google is introducing Moves, which offers notifications right from the fingerprint sensor. These new features should really push other android phone manufacturers to raise the bar when it comes to what they offer.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel

Google’s Nexus range has always had class leading battery life and now offers quick charging support too. Google Pixel and Pixel XL now support quick charging with 15 minutes of charging offering 7 hours of battery life. It seems to be faster than any phone on the market today. It’s easy to use, and my favorite part is that there is no bloat-ware.

To me this would be an outstanding gift for anyone who loves tech.