Our Top 7 Funny Slingshot Ride Videos of People Fainting

I came across these gems on YouTube the other night and felt the need to share it with you. In order to save you time, I’ve scoured YouTube, gathering the best videos for your viewing pleasure. I don’t care how bad of a day you’re having, if this doesn’t make you laugh your ass off, you’re not human.

I Almost Died…On this Ride

They always say to save the best for last, but I have to share this first. This was the video that got it all started for me. I mean, I wasn’t even aware the human body could do this.

Stone Cold Knockout

Mike Tyson wouldn’t be able to knock this dude out this hard. I am impressed though with his ability to go straight from comatose to screaming at the top of his lungs in a split second.

I’m Just Gonna Take a Short Rest Here BRB

Dude, Don’t Even Try to Play This One Off

This is my second favorite slingshot pass out. I almost feel bad for this dude. You can smell the fear. And that ride operator…buddy, that was a dirty trick. But I’m glad this little gem exists. WARNING: This video may make you cry and/or piss your pants from laughing so hard.


After watching dozens after dozens of these videos, I learned how to tell right away when someone was going to pass out. From the first frame, I knew this guy didn’t stand a chance.

It’s Too Late! Man, I Just Passed Out!

Can you say, whiplash! For this girl, it was over before it even started.

Let Me Down…NOW!!!

I’m not sure if he’s actually passing out here, or just expelling demons, but he had a rough ride.

So, Why Does this Happen?

There are several reasons why people might pass out on an amusement ride like this. Among the most common causes of this random fainting is called vasovagal syncope. Vasovagal syncope occurs when your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. The vasovagal syncope trigger causes a sudden drop in your heart rate and blood pressure. That leads to reduced blood flow to your brain, which results in a brief loss of consciousness and out you go. It’s actually a common occurrence and can happen to anyone. So don’t feel discouraged if it happens to you. But it’s possible you may injure yourself during a vasovagal syncope episode. Also, your doctor may recommend tests to rule out more-serious causes of fainting, such as heart disorders.

Has this happened to you?

Let us know your experience in the comments section. We’d love to hear about it!