Getting Rid of Wasps – The Best Wasp Traps

I live in the country and have been battling wasps something fierce since I’ve been living in BFE.  It’s become more of an issue for me lately as I’ve been stung mowing a few times and actually had the corresponding area go numb, I actually stopped the zero turn and got ready to use my phone it scared me so bad.  But, it went away after about a minute and I did what most guys do; not bleeding – check, not missing any body parts – check, still breathing – check…must be fine, keep mowing.

I had read reviews about creating your own water/vinegar/sugar/soda bottle traps, but it seemed like a lot of work and I was quite frankly skeptical, so I went on dodging wasps until my daughter got stung on the swing set.  I’ll be the first to admit, my daughter has me wrapped around her finger.  So seeing her afraid to go outside and play sent the dad defense into over drive.

What the hell do I do to get rid of wasps?  What are the best wasp traps?  Guess what, there are a lot of options out there.

  • Homemade traps
  • Commercial traps
  • Fake paper nests
  • Electronic deterrents
  • Bug Zappers
  • And so on…

I read about all of these options for a few hours and found pros and cons, but nothing that really stood out.  So I took the next logical step, I researched products and reviews on  I saw a lot of the same products on Amazon, but one stood out.  The Rescue Wasp Trapstick.

It was the highest rated trap on Amazon and as I read reviews, it looked promising. So I ordered three to see what would happen.  The results were impressive.  I was actually hanging one of the traps when a wasp hit it right away, almost causing me to drop the damn thing.  The traps have a design that attracts wasps to the surface, which is extremely sticky, thus trapping them.  I put up three around the house, one by the front door, one by the back door and one on the kids swing set.  They were full in less than two weeks, and it wasn’t just capturing wasps.  I had wood bees, hornets, flies, mud dobbers and other nasties I had never seen before trapped in them.  I’ve re-ordered them as needed and we’re even buying them for family since they’ve been so effective.  For $10 a pop, it’s well worth it if you’re having issues with wasps!